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Warning on the rise of Iranian ISIS

Open letter to Masoud Rajavi

Mr. Rajavi, I heard your latest voice message on the U-Tube on the occasion of Ashura 139 (2014).

Since 1979 in the political wing of the MEK, in response to why MEK should talk and seek the support of Western Governments, Political Parties, Human Rights Organizations… while your teachings obviously talks against them as imperialist institutions that are established only to exploit the world, your answer has always been:

“we must deceive the west about our true nature, the strategy of dealing with enemies rules to deal with them one at a time, first the home enemy then, when we have the power, comes the next enemy “Imperialist-Devourer West” that would be our glorious revolution and victory, so tactically we must take liberal positions to deceive and neutralize the next coming enemies. We must not only work hard to prevent our enemies from uniting against us, but we must even utilize them to defeat our home enemy.”

It was astonishing that, in your recent message you repeated the same exact words you have been hidden for more than three decades, that the UN and the UNAMI and the Human rights organizations are only words on the papers and called USA as the Colonialist that should wait for its turn to arrive?!!. Saying:

“It is my will that all our opponents must be punished, the days of the oppressed against the oppressors will arrive. This United Nation and UNAMI are all working for the ruling governments, the human rights issues are worthless words and are only good for composition, the Human Rights will be written with blood of the oppressed. The demarcation between us and the Reactionaries, the Colonialists, those working or in line with them and helping them, is with blood. Our diplomatic works and endeavors are all for preparation for the fire of the war, this regime will not only be toppled by USA, UNAMI and their cooperators. USA and UNAMI’s hands are in the hands of the Iranian Regime…”.

“…As we are working with the UN and USA and human rights organizations but we don’t believe in what they are doing and we know that we have to deal with our problems ourselves and that is through war and blood and revolution as there is a sea of blood between us and the enemy…let me repeat if we are working with UN and USA this is only because we want to prepare for the war…”.

It is unfortunate that after nearly four decades of crystal clear Strategic, political, military and even the worst, ideological dead ends that you have caused for the MEK which has had no fruit but death, bloodsheds and agonies for Iranian people in general and for the MEK members and their families in specific, not only you have not learnt from it, but childishly and obstinately violated all your international obligations that you will not enter to any terrorist activities any more. It implies while for the reason of your name being removed from lists of the terrorist organizations by American and European; you agreed to reject violent and terrorist activities, but in a way that was a tactical move and your strategy still is based on violence, war, and bloodshed.

Mr. Rajavi, the world has changed, there contemporary world as the Iranian people are all against all sorts of violence. Iranian peace loving people clearly showed it to the world in recent years that they defy all sorts of violence. The Civilized World is also against violence and it would be childish to think of deceiving them.

Even if you deceive the civilized world, however all the facts show that you have not been able to do so. Iranians will not tolerate another ISIS in Iran. Iranians want changes through democratic means and want to be at peace with the rest of the world and with each other. Even if you succeed in sending one or two death squads here of there, you cannot achieve anywhere, the civilized world has defeated Osama bin Laden and is defeating ISIS.

While you, as always, shed crocodile tears for the killed members of MEK in Ashraf and elsewhere to beguile those who have been trapped in the so called camp liberty as a result of your genius policies, called for bloodshed, killing, revenge, and also preparation for the final attack?! You even called for revenge against USA and UN and the whole world?!

Apart from your insane call, One must be out of his mind to call for killing and revenge while camp liberty residents cannot even provide their daily needs, the last time the enemy came into Ashraf, killed as many as they could and took with them as many as they could and your super heroes whom you forced them to divorce their spouse, leave their children, family and everything they had, which are supposed to move mountains bear handed could only get killed and nothing more. You are guiding the criminals to act better this time and not enter the camp but as in previous cases fire from the distance to provide more ammunition for your diplomatic shows?!! It is very obvious that you do not care about the Camp Liberty Residents if they are killed or deprived from their basic rights…

May be people outside MEK are not very familiar with you and your attitudes, but I know as thirty years members as hundreds of times in the past I have witnessed, you even curse your members for being killed yes for being killed, or even for surviving in the Iranian regime prisons.

Remember all those prisoners who escaped or were release from prisons and joined MEK in Iraq again, were cursed for surviving the prisons. Many have even been tortured by your top officials for it, since you believe that she or he must have died in the prison, and real members are does who have died in the prisons. You have repeatedly said that all the mujahedin must be ashamed of being alive!!!

You remember that you cursed all those 1400 members killed and even those who survived from that collective suicidal attack you sent them with no knowledge of war and military operations what so ever and were all slaughtered at that attack to Iran called Foroge Javidan (eternal light)?

Remember when Saddam did not meet you for seven years and for you to please him did everything you could, including, sending hit teams to Iran from Iraq while MEK members were in no way prepared to do so due to the loss of 1400 of their co-fighters in the so called eternal light operation? But you deceived mujahedin mendaciously that these operations are to keep on the fire of the revolution. But only after you helped Saddam to survive the Kurdish forces attack in the first Iraq war? Saddam accepted to meet you and you were jubilant after 7 years for being accepted. Remember the flattering, subservient and obsequious sickening language you used when you saw Saddam, repeating many time “pray to God, pray to God” that he has survived the coalition attacks. You called Iraq your second home thinking that now that Saddam has survived the first Iraq war you must now please Saddam to help you reach power? Of course he gifted you only with a few machine guns that you received it via his defense minister?

Remember all those hit teams who were trained in Iraq and you sent from Iraq to Iran for terrorist activities while you were commanding them from Paris were all arrested at the first check points of the border towns or were all killed in the clashes at the check points?

Remember the hit team of Jalal whom were attacked by the Badr group while crossing the border from Iraq to Iran for operation inside Iran and were wounded and had no water to drink at temperatures of 60 degree Celsius in the border and asked for help from the command post that you yourself were listening to them (as you always did), not only you did not help them but you curse them because they put you in an embarrassing situation?! They were all killed.

Remember all those limited border attacks with the full military and intelligence and financial support of Saddam that left thousands killed on both sides of the border from Iranian soldiers to the MEK members? As you claimed all those attacks were supposed to topple the regime in Iran.

Your analysis that one day Saddam will realize the value of the Mujahedin and fully support you to attack inside Iran never happened and instead of the Iranian regime, Saddam was toppled.

Remember that at the second Iraq war while keeping mujahedin at total news blackout your analysis was that US will never attack Iraq. And when the members questioned in case US did attack Iraq and us what would be our position, you replied, we will attack USA as our enemy.

USA attacked Iraq and also attacked all your bases in Iraq and killed many of the Mujahedin. Having lost your landlord, your brother Saddam Hussein, in shocking amazement the next day you called Saddam the toppled dictator?!!

Immediately after the meeting with a US Military commander in Ashraf you were jubilant and claimed in your analyses that we have found a new landlord, and claimed that USA is about to realize our values and help us conquer Iran. In this regards you even asked for full military support including arms, helicopters even air strike support!!

You have been lobbying in the West, US Senate and Congress for three decades with this object of deceiving the West about your real nature. Not only they weren’t deceived but they disarmed you and took Ashraf away from you when they got to know your real values.

In your last audio message you called for revenge against USA and international bodies!? Adding that USA and the West have deceived us and will not topple the Iranian Regime for us, we must do it ourselves. You even threatened USA by saying “be warned about the day that we decide to retaliate and answer the fist with fist and the bullet with bullet, and the clip of you saying that to the Iranian Regime in 1980 before you started terrorist operations against the Regime was shown. You were even jubilant that, since USA has not toppled the Iranian regime for you, is now himself facing the ISIS.

No wonder that you are now trying to make a new landlord out of ISIS in Iraq for yourself, and hoping that when they topple the Iraqi government, will find real values in you and will help you topple Iranian regime?!

You also threatened the dissident defected members of MEK and NCR for retaliation. You ordered the Fedaee (self –sacrificing) teams to be prepared for it. But be assured that even if you succeed in a few terrorist activities here of there, but fortunately the world is united against all sorts of terrorism. Of course Mr. Rajavi you don’t know any other means, you even told the General Assembly of the members in Camp Ashraf that you will meet the dissident members inside the Mujahidin with Iron Fist.

As said above the Iranian people must have thought you a lesson that; they are against any violence and terrorist activities. They have showed it to the world independent of political bodies inside or outside Iran.

I warn you and the world against any terrorist activities that you may plan in the future outside Iran.

I call first the top officials inside the Mujahedin to think twice and learn lessons from the contemporary world and oppose Rajavi’s insane and terroristic policies, and second, I call the world to take actions and watch out for such terroristic threats.

The last word is with the world and not Rajavi, the residence in Camp Liberty have no value for Rajavi but to be used as the ammunition for his survival in the media. Those in the Camp must be released from the clenches of Rajavi. Rajavi has created a cult that people with decades of brainwash and in total news blackout cannot realize the reality of the real and contemporary world. That is why he opposes any independent contacts of the UNAMI or any international bodies with the camp residents.

Ehsan Roshanzamir

Iranian Pen Club

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