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Hatred; a tool for MKO Cult leaders to manipulate members!

Hatred is one of the main tools of the Mujahedin Khalq destructive Cult’s leaders.

Spreading hatred among members, and between members and their families as well as between members and the world is a common practice and behavior in the MKO Cult.

In fact, the cult leaders do not primarily focus on hatred rather, through deceitful methods, propaganda, and misinformation they create an atmosphere among its members in which hatred toward anyone except the cult leader thrives virtually unchecked.

The manipulation and control in the cult is so strong that nobody can trust each other. Even the very close family members such as father and daughter or spouses distrust one another, having friendly relations is not allowed and considered taboo. The members are being brain washed and celibacy is forced upon them. In the cult, members are suspicious of each other. 

Members are made by coercion or enticement to snitch on each other. They are encouraged to curse one another in brainwashing sessions so as to create abhorrence, animosity, and hostility among members.

The cult leaders try to empty members of all their humanity.

Ms. Nasrin Ebrahimi, former member of MKO Cult, while recalling his memoirs of the corruption of Massoud Rajavi as the cult leader states:” …As I said, Massoud Rajavi exploited women against men. In fact, women were Rajavi’s slaves who were misused to fight men this way he grew hatred between men and women in Ashraf.

Rajavi hides his true face behind women. He manipulates them to humiliate men; to make them work as hard as slaves…Rajavi made efforts to grow hate and animosity between men and women and in general among all members. He thought that growing hatred among members will lead all love and affection toward him.”

Massoud Rajavi as the cult leader considers the family ties poisonous for his cult of personality since he is completely aware of the power of family affection in comparison to that of cult-made affection towards him – as the cult leader, so as he has tried to cut cult followers from their family members both within and outside the cult.

Despite the MKO cult’s claims that the members have chosen their way willingly and that they are not eager to visit their families, still many first hand evidences of disassociated members of the cult as well as concrete evidences of human rights bodies prove that the members are under systematic mind manipulation. That is the fear from family members and the hatred is systematically cultivated in their minds.

The case of Mohammadi family who were deceived by the MKO in Canada is a worthwhile example. The Mohammadi family who were once supporters of the group have lost their daughter to the cult. They are still struggling to gain her release though. This is one example of many families who have lost their loved ones to this cult.

In a trip Mustafa had to Camp Ashraf as a supporter of the group, he realized that Somaye had made up her mind to return to her family in Canada. However since she didn’t have the citizenship, so she wrote a letter to the Canadian government and asked to help her get out of the Organization.

The father filmed that moments. Part of the letter reads:” I’m Somaye Mohammadi, Mostafa’s daughter. I ask that you aid my return to my former country, Canada as soon as possible. I was a political refugee in Canada for four years. I had even filled out my citizenship request form but I couldn’t get my citizenship before I came to Iraq and although I wanted to apply from here, I wasn’t able to , I don’t have my pass with me here and I wasn’t able to contact my family…..”

However, the next time her father went to Camp Ashraf on 6 May 2005 and the MKO conceded with the pressure of US forces that Mostafa see her daughter, many things had happened. Somaye was reluctant to see and talk to her father. She was repeating some same sentences with a frown on her face.

This was the last time Mostafa could see her daughter and talk to her. Batoul Soltani who was recently defected the group, told him about the sever supervision and control the organization put on Somaye. She was under sever mind control practices.

This is just a story among very many stories of families who have lost their beloved ones to the Cult of Rajavis. Those who have not been able to talk to their family members for decades.


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