Pictorial- Mr. Mansour Shaabani wishes to back to his homeland

Mr. Jahangir Shaabani whose brother; Mansour- transferred to Albania from Camp Liberty visited Nejat society Gilan Branch.

Mr. Mansour Shaabani was prisoner of Iran- Iraq War. Then the MKO Cult mercenaries tricked him into joining the group. From then on he has been far from his family and homeland.

Mansour’s brother – Mr. Jahangir Shaabani says:” during the last years we several times traveled to Iraq to visit our brother. However not only didn’t we succeed to visit Mansour, but also the Cult leaders insulted and offended us. “

Anyway, fortunately on March 2014 my brother transferred to Albania and could contact us. Mansour was so excited and happily said that he was calling us from Tirana far from the cultish severe controls and bars. He said that he missed us a lot and wished to visit us as soon as possible.

Now we are regularly have contact. We are trying to pave the way for his repatriation.

Mr. Mansour Shaabani wishes to back to his homeland

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