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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 99

++ The MEK’s annual celebration of the start of its armed struggle in 1981 represents the pinnacle of its yearly activity. In the lead up to the show at Villepinte on 13 June this year, the MEK is on overdrive to do what they can to make the most of this expensive event. As well as bussing in its paid audience and advertising its list of paid speakers, the cult has tried to grab peripheral publicity to prevent it being ignored. The problem is that the volume of ranting against Iran has become so loud – Israel and Saudi Arabia met recently to discuss their mutual concerns on this issue – that nobody notices the MEK. To combat this, last week Reuters news agency reported yet another MEK nuclear revelation. Unfortunately for Rajavi, everybody ignored it apart from a terse retort from the Iranian embassy in Paris which dismissed the Reuters report as suspiciously akin to playing its part in the game of trying to stop the nuclear talks. Another MEK ploy which went unremarked was the fabrication of a letter supposedly from the European Parliament purporting to have been signed by 220 MEPs. The Farsi Commentariat ridiculed this as typical MEK propaganda material with no whiff of truth or consequence. Only IRNA reported it in English. When Iran Interlink enquired of Federica Mogherini’s office about the letter they had no knowledge of it.

++ Connected to the Villepinte show is the issue of the Albanian President, Bujar Nishani. Last week Iran Interlink received information from a source close to the MEK in America that Nishani had clandestinely agreed a fee to speak at Villepinte. It was also disclosed that Maryam Rajavi’s keynote speech will focus on her demand that America re-arm the group so it can pursue regime change in Iran. Iran Interlink has previously revealed that the MEK has bought land and property in Albania, where over four hundred residents of Camp Liberty have already been transferred. This can only be interpreted as the MEK’s intention to reconstruct the cult’s militarised Iraqi bases in Europe from which to train terrorists to attack Iran or elsewhere. The President of Albania’s role will be to advertise this camp so that groups such as AQ and IS become attracted because of its position and the lack of international scrutiny. If he does appear at Villepinte, Nishani will be the only governmental representative in the world, except Saddam Hussein, to publicly give his support to the MEK in its entire history.

++ Al Bayane from Iraq conducted an extensive interview with Maryam Sanjabi in Baghdad. Sanjabi is a former member of the Leadership Council of the MEK and since her escape from the cult has been active in trying to rescue other residents trapped inside the MEK’s Iraq base. Her interview went into detail about the MEK’s role in Iraq, about the residents in Camp Liberty and their psychological and physical conditions and about the future of the MEK in Iraq.

In English:

++ After twelve years, an article by James Dorsey published in Huffington Post was the first time a prominent writer in English has said that Massoud Rajavi is dead.

++ Fars News reported “MKO Leader Maryam Rajavi in a meeting with Saudi Ambassador to Paris Mohammad Al Sheikh said that the grouplet is willing to cooperate with Riyadh to carry out its attacks against the Yemeni nation. She reiterated that whenever Saudi Arabia asks MKO for help, the grouplet will immediately provide assistance to the Al Saud regime. Rajavi and Al Sheikh have met several times in Paris so far and Rajavi has thanked the Al Saud regime for its support and financial assistance over the past years.”

 June 5, 2015

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