Mojahedin Khalq makes anti-Iran allegations by forging EU statement

The terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), also known as Monafeqin, has made new and fabricated anti-Iran allegations, specially about the human rights situation in Iran and claiming that the European Union has issued a statement accordingly.

MKO alleged that 220 representative of the EU parliament in a statement have warned against the deterioration of human rights in Iran, but further investigations by the concerned bodies have shown that it is not so and the EU has not taken any official or unofficial stance in this regard.

Some Persian-language and counterrevolutionary media today (June 2) claimed that over 220 EU parliamentarians in a statement had warned against the worsening of situation in Iran and Iran’s role in the Middle East crisis, and in the meantime asked Tehran to allow surprise visits from all military and non-military sites of the country on the pretext of nuclear inspections.

The MKO claimed that the EU has also supported the terrorist group in its statement.

After making thorough investigations, it became evident that the European Union has not adopted any official or unofficial stance in this regard.

The statement attributed to the European Parliament has been released on the website of Gerard Deprez who is the main lobbyist of the MKO in the European Parliament.

Deprez in his site claimed that 220 European Union parliamentarians have signed the EU’s statement.


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