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The MKO to invest on new landlord!

After the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, leaders of the Cult of Rajavi, departed from home country and stuck in the home donated to them by Saddam, started their efforts to get rid of the new cul-de-sac

Saddam Hussein who was called “landlord” by Massoud Rajavi was no more in power. So, his financial and military support was cut by the newly established Iraq government that hated the Mujahedin Khalq as ”Saddam’s  private Army” who suppressed Iraqi Kurds’ and Shiites’ uprisings during the 1990s.

Since the early days of the new government, there was news about expulsion of the MKO from Iraqi territory. The group leaders, in response, put the entire anti-Imperialist background of the group, behind and began compromising with American forces. Gradually, the Cult of Rajavi turned into the operational and spying arm of the US and Israel in Iran. The peak of such compromise was the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists that was carried out by the MKO agents funded and trained by Mossad.

However, the services MKO offered the West could not prevent the shutdown of Camp Ashraf, the town granted to Rajavi by the former Iraqi dictator. Ashraf was closed. Its residents were relocated in the temporary transit Camp, Liberty near Baghdad. Then, the UN ICRC supervised the process of the relocation of Liberty residents to third countries.

Although the relocation process was constantly obstructed by the cult leaders, a number of residents were transferred to European countries, particularly Albania.

In Albania, the only Muslim country of Europe, a large number of MKO members left the group’s controlling system. Thus, the group leaders organized new tactics to maintain the group’s survival in Tirana, Albania.

 Inviting the President of Albania to speak at the MKO’s yearly propaganda show in Villepint, Paris, is the proof that the MKO leaders are counting on Albania as the new landlord. This time, the group leaders launch new propaganda tactic to run their agenda.

During the Iran-Iraq war, terrorist nature and violence – based strategy of the MKO was focused by Saddam Hussein. He used Rajavi and his cult to run his ambitions againt Iran and to suppress Iraqi people’s uprisings. Today the MKO hopes that it would be able to have the support of the President of the democratic government of Albania by its democratic slogans and Islamic hijab of Maryam Rajavi. Therefore, the new landlord, should know about the true face of the Cult of Rajavi.

Massoud Rajavi was proud of his history of terror and violence in Saddam’s era; he used the whole capacity of his group to work with Iraqi Baath regime. But today he has to conceal his violent past under the cover of fraudulent slogans of democracy so as to decrease the speed of its declining fate.

Mazda  Parsi

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