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Our story thus far: Another Mojahedin attack on two fathers and the sister of MEK’s captives

On Monday July 13, 2015 we rented a car in Paris, France and drove to Auvers-Sur-Oise. Who are we? We are two fathers and a sister, all three in Paris doing all we can to free our daughter/sister from a cult’s terrorist camp in Baghdad, Iraq called Camp Liberty. The irony of the name of this camp is that the people kept in the camp haven’t had a glimpse of liberty or freedom for fifteen plus years. The people in charge of the camp are Maryam Rajavi, Massoud Rajavi and Mehdi Abrishamchi. They are the leaders of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq – the name of the group that fifty years ago started out as a noble group for the freedom of the Iranian people.

Today, and for the past 30 odd years, this group has become a cult in which the leaders were/are affiliated with Saddam Hussein and other known terrorist leaders in the Middle East. They prey on the simple hearted, the young and the hopeless to gain power and money. They use any deceitful tactics such as propaganda, lying, torture, threats and more to get their way. They have taken the lives of many young people and kept them captive in Iraq.

Our daughters are two of the thousands of these innocent victims. We are here to open the eyes of the French government and citizens to show them that the people in charge of the kidnapping and brainwashing of thousands of people over the years are residing in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France. This was the second time that I, Mustafa Mohammady, and my daughter Hurieh have been attacked in the streets of Auvers by the Mojahedin. We want nothing more than a meeting with the town’s mayor to explain to her our story so she will know the true colours of these people.

The first occurrence of attack was a month ago on June 12, 2015. We took the train to Auvers with our lawyer and walked to rue des Gordes in the hope of getting a meeting with a Mojahedin leader since our lawyer was with us. As we turned onto the street not taking more than five steps we saw a man and a woman running towards us from different directions of the road. They begin yelling horrible vulgar curses at us without any engagement or provocation from us. They start pulling at our camera and belongings and throwing punches at us. At this time our lawyer phoned the police and alerted them to come to our rescue immediately.

We were three people, a senior Canadian, a female student and a French lawyer, and within seconds we were cornered onto a gated driveway with dozens of people attacking us. As we were trying to protect ourselves from their terrifying blows to our bodies they succeeded in separating us from each other. They threw each one of us to the ground and five/six people at a time would attempt to steal our phones, wallets and camera while throwing kicks and punches. The police came about ten minutes after the call and pulled them off us.

That did not stop them from gathering around and yelling threats and curses at us by surrounding the police and the ambulance. As we were being taken by stretcher into the ambulance a man jumped on top of Hurieh in front of the police and attacked her to the ground breaking our camera. We was handcuffed and taken to the police station and kept in a cell for one night. We were treated in the hospital in Pontoise with many cuts and bruises all over our bodies. We were traumatized but the fire in us grew bigger as now we know how little humanity is left in them and how much we need to get our children out from their clutches.

We gave our statement to the police the day after and got a full body report of our injuries in the hospital and are filing a complaint against their actions towards us. This case is now being dealt with in the court of Pointoise but we have not given up on bringing our children home to us. We talked to different police officers of Paris and Pontoise and recounted our story to them. This brings us to last week’s events.

So we drove to Auvers-Sur-Oise, with lingering fear of what happened the first time, we went there to arrange a meeting with the mayor. We drove to just outside of the town and decided to stop and enjoy the scenery as there were large beautiful wheat fields which we wanted to take pictures of. As we were about to walk towards our parked car, a man (Mojahedin member) with a camera started coming towards us. With fear we quickly ran faster towards our car, as did he, following us and pushing Hurieh to the ground. She got up and ran into the car and locked herself in waiting for Mustafa and Ali Hossein to so the same. Mustafa was able to get in but when we looked back Ali Hossein couldn’t make it fast enough and we saw that more of the Mojahedin had arrived.

The man clutched at our car trying to grab at us through the open window but we started the car and began to drive away. Ali Hossein stopped a passing car hoping to get help and security from strangers to drive him away from the Mojahedin who, by now were more than five. The driver of the car however did not drive away and the Mojahedin opened their car door trying to pull Ali Hossein out onto the streets. We were circling the roundabout trying to figure out how to save him and to get other car drivers to phone the police. We were yelling for help and for the police as we watched them forcefully pulling him out of the car and onto the ground.

We were trying to distract them until the police came when a black car approached with speed and rammed their car into ours. With fear we had no choice but to flee the scene as the car chased us through the streets at over hundred kilometres per hour. We were calling the police unable to give our whereabouts as we were not only unfamiliar with the location but nothing seemed to be around for miles. The chase went on until we reached the town of Cergy, Pontoise and headed towards the Police station there.

Once there we told them what had happened and our anxiety about what happened to Ali Hossein, hoping the police got there in time to save him. With police cars guiding us back to the station in Auvers we found out that Ali Hossein was saved in time and taken to the station and was secure. Outside of the station the Mojahedin men and women were gathered there with cameras and still yelling curses and swear words at us. This was our second complaint file we made towards them. We did not come to Paris to be attacked and treated this way. We came here begging to see our children. Why is it that to ask for the return of our child, or just plain contact with them is threatening these people so much?

What are they so afraid of that they are not allowing families to be in contact? Somayeh Mohammady was taken from Canada 18 years ago and we haven’t been able to even make a phone call with her for more than twelve years. Murders in prison have visiting rights but these people in the camp, the ones taken away from their lives are not even allowed a letter or phone call. How are we in the wrong to ask for the safety and happiness of our children?

We ask the people of France, nay, the people of the world to see the injustice in this and to help spread the word about these captors. Help our voices be heard. We are now living in fear as they are constantly posting threatening words on their websites and have followed us to our rented home in Paris. They have come to our apartment and handed out flyers filled with lies to everyone in our neighbourhood. They call us spies and people working for the Iranian government, but all we have ever wanted was the return of our child to their home. To take them back to where they belong and have always belonged. To live their lives be with their family and be happy if they can find meaning in that feeling anymore.

The Mojahedin are threatened by a father and daughter that have put their lives on hold many times and have used the little resources they have to fly to Paris to ask for the safety of Somayeh. They call themselves an organization for the liberation of the people of Iran yet they cannot even provide freedom to the ones they call their own. We will not stop fighting for the safety of our children and this will not be over until these captives are freed.

We will go to any lengths and are begging anyone who can hear our voices to help us. Please help free our kids from their evil clutches. Help their voices be heard. Help mothers take their children back into their arms. Help children see the advancement of the world and live the rest of their lives not in fear but tranquillity and peace.

‘Together we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall’ -Pink Floyd.

Mustafa Mohammady

Ali Hossein Nejad

Hurieh Mohammady

By Hurieh Mohammady, Paris

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