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Does the UN recognize our right to meet our children?

Mr. Ghodrat Sedigh is an aged father of one of Mujahedin-e Khalq hostages; Mohammadreza. He has recently went to Camp Liberty in accompany with some other families of Rajavis’ hostages. In an interview with Nejat Society he defines his trip to Camp Liberty, Iraq:

Rajavis henchmen started swearing at us and throwing stones as soon as we arrived at Camp Liberty gate. I was there just to visit my son. I was neither military man nor did I have government job.

We stayed at Camp Liberty gate for three days.  

I’d even be happy to see my son from a distance where I could recognize his face, still the Cult leaders denied.

We visited Iraqi MPs at the parliament. The Deputy Prime Minister promised to peruse our demands after the Christmas holidays. Our only demand as families of Camp Liberty residents is to visit our beloved children. ..

A representative from the UN who participated the meeting also promised to facilitate the meeting between us and our children at UN base near Camp Liberty.

We returned to Iran hoping the visit with our beloved ones be expedited.

At the end I want to ask some questions: does the UN recognize our right to meet our children? If yes, why don’t they oppose Rajavi not to enslave our children..?

Is there any legal authority to investigate the Rajavis’ crimes?

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