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Iraqi Newspaper on families of MKO hostages

Following the recent trip of the third group of Liberty residents’ families to Iraq, the Iraqi mass media widely covered the news of the event.

Iraqi newspapers and websites published reports on grieves of families of residents, who are not allowed to visit their loved ones taken as hostages by leaders of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/the cult of Rajavi).

Iraqi official newspapers such as Kul al Akhbar and news websites like Babil News, Ketabat fil Mizan and Wikileaks Baghdad published letters written by the families and reported on their efforts to visit their loved ones in Camp Liberty.

In a full-page report, Kul al Akhbar reported on the activities of the picketing families in front of Camp Liberty, interviewing some of them. The report included photos of the picketing families under the title: “A number of Iranian families told Kul al Akhbar the tragic story of their grieving children.”

 “Parents who are awaiting the visit of their dear ones despite all troubles”, the report describes the families. “Who help their desires come true?”

The newspaper calls Iraqi Government, the United Nations and all human rights bodies to pressure the MKO leaders to evacuate Camp Liberty.

Kul al Akhbar reported that in Camp Liberty human rights are violated; people are terribly deprived of freedom. Hostages are not allowed to contact their families and families – who come from different towns of Iran- are not permitted to meet their children even for an hour. Instead, families are verbally abused and attacked by the brainwashed members of the group.

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