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Former MKO member cautions France on the threat of terrorists

A former high ranking member of Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult cautioned France of the potential threat of terrorists’ presence at the Cult’s annual rally in Paris on July 9th.

The same as every other year the group is busy recruiting paid audiences to participate the rally.

Mr. Issa Azadeh who spent 30 years within the Mujaheidn-e Khalq Cult affairs, in an open letter to the French Interior Minister writes:

” …..Through social media I founded out that the Cult of Rajavi is due to hold a gathering on the occasion of the anniversary of the group’s armed struggle as well as Maryam Rajavi’s –  the cult leader ; Massoud Rajavi’s wife –  release from prison in France. So as the MKO is going to transfer a large number of Arab refugees to Paris by Bus.

I warn you according to my human duty that the dangerous terrorists of ISIS can take the opportunity to enter Paris through the MKO rented buses.

The Cult of Rajavi smuggles people without any certificate card or passport from European refugee Camps into France. The MKO employs these people as rent-a-crowd to pretend it has a popular base in Iran in order to attract the attention of reporters and European states. Conversely, the reality is that this dangerous cult has no support in Iran due to its anti-Iranian and terrorist nature. The group has just some agents who are active on socal networks in exchange for money…."

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