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Iran: Faisal’s attendance at Mojahedin Khalq meeting signifies Saudi stupidity

An informed source at the Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia uses terrorism against the Muslim countries in the Middle East as an “instrument” to achieve its objectives.

The comments by the Foreign Ministry source came as Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s former spy chief, attended an annual meeting of the MKO terrorist group in Paris on Saturday during which he pledged to back the group.

The Foreign Ministry source said that Faisal’s attendance at the meeting is new example of the Saudi government’s “stupidity, indecency and political frustration”.

Political analysts unanimously believe that Faisal is the ideological mentor of terrorist groups.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, an advisor to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said on Sunday that there is no doubt about the Saudi security bodies’ relations with the MKO.

Financial supports for terrorism are on the agenda of Riyadh, he said.

“Riyadh’s strategic mistake in using terrorism in regional developments will cause us irreparable harms in the region,” Amir-Abdollahian remarked.

The veteran diplomat added that Saudi Arabia should change its “military and security approach” in the region.

He urged the Saudi government to stop supporting terrorism and play “constructive” role in the region.

‘Saudi and foreign media efforts to revive MKO are doomed to failure’

Also, General Ramezan Sharif, head of the IRGC public relations office, said, “Efforts by Saudi and foreign media to revive MKO are doomed to failure.”

He said that presence of the former Saudi official at the MKO meeting proves the “old link” between the terrorist group and Saudis.

It has become obvious for the public opinion that Saudi Arabia backs terrorist movements in the region, he said.

Hamid Reza Asefi, the former ambassador of Iran to France, said on Saturday the Iranian people consider the MKO and its secretary general Massoud Rajavi dead.

He said that the French government’s action in permitting the MKO to hold a meeting is “reproachable”.

He also described Faisal’s attendance at the gathering as a “hostile action” and said that the Saudis should become aware of the fact that they are “playing with fire”.

Hamidreza Moghadamfar, an advisor to the IRGC commander, said on Sunday that Faisal’s attendance at the MKO gathering reveals “terrorist nature” of the Saudi government.

He added that the former Saudi official’s participation at the meeting can link the MKO with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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