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Why do not Mutlaq ask Saudi Arabia to host Mojahedin Khalq?

The strange relationship between Saleh al-Mutlaq and Khalq organization is a relationship that makes question marks accompanied by doubts that rose around; especially that he represents a bloc not the government.
Why do not Mutlaq ask Saudi Arabia to host Mojahedin Khalq?
This organization had disgraceful positions against the Iraqi people and it had been brought in Iraq at the time of the tyrant for political considerations with Iran and such a thing is done by most of the countries in the world. As for Baghdad, it hosted Khalq because Iran hosted the Supreme Council, but was the work of this organization with Iran exclusively over years? There are evidences of eyewitnesses for the criminality of this organization against the Iraqi people. It had the authority at the time of the tyrant to arrest any Iraqi or even fire the citizens which had happened in front of my eyes in Baghdad. They had a place in which they could arrest and torture in Karrada not to mention the participation of their confrontational troops in annihilation of the uprising. Away from all these actions, for which they must be punished, different things have changed and Iraq had become in good relationship with Iran and the remaining of this organization on the land of Iraq has become a controversial. However, Iraq worked according to its origin and it has not handed over this organization to Iran despite the fact that there are similar organizations in the international community in terms of practicing terrorism striving to maintain the entity of this organization to be used in the interests of certain political future acts.

Saleh al-Mutlaq is desperate in defending of this organization, and it was strange that he was chosen as a president of one of the annual conferences. So what is his relationship with a Conference annually held by this organization? He was the most naysayers to send out Khalq from Iraq. He may have tense positions with Iran. Such organization makes tense positions between the Iraqi government and people with Iran if it remains on the land of Iraq. Al-Mutlaq now calls America to remove this organization from the list of terrorist organizations. He says this organization has a friendly relationship with Diayala citizens and he says, “The people of Diayala as far as I know have good relations with this organization and they wish the organization would continue in the same manners and ideals by which it treated their brothers in Iraq and join together to lift grievances from Iraq and the Iraqis. Their role remains positive in the defense of their brothers in Iraq and in support of their brothers in Iraq and stand against any force trying to offend the relationship between the two peoples of Iraq and Iran.”

What treatment with the Iraqis does Mutlaq mean? We met the people of Diayala who have been displaced to other provinces. They stressed that terrorist acts were launched from Ashraf Camp and this is not excluded. It is curious that the Iraqi government is careless in uncovering the facts about the role of this terrorist Organization against the Iraqi people. Anyway our last proposal to Mutlaq is: Why does not he demand Saudi Arabia to have the organization’s headquarters in the Kingdom? Especially the position of the Saudi Arabia towards Iraq and Iran is known.

Sami Jawad Kadhim, Shafagh News

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