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Love is forbidden and ground for punishment in the Cult of Rajavi

Since the so called “ideological revolution” in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) in the 1980s, relationships and emotions have been destroyed. Rajavi’s “ideological revolution” forced members to divorce their spouses and eventually to forget their families. A few years later, Rajavi sent all children outside the group’s camps.

Thus, in the isolated camps of the group, children were no more with the parents, ex- couples could no more think of each other, brothers and sisters could no more visit each other except for a short time in the new year celebration and under the supervision of the group authorities.

Love is unheard of in the cult of Rajavi. The only kind of love that is not only permitted but also obligatory is the love for leader. All members should kill the love of their children, family and ex-spouses in their hearts, instead they should grow the love of their leader in their mind. Female members should consider Massoud Rajavi as their only love, their only husband!

As the individuals who are taken as hostages in the Cult of Rajavi do not have any access to the outside world, they are not able to contact their families outside the group.

Despite the efforts made by families of the MKO’s hostages to visit their loved ones in the group’s camp, the group authorities use all types of tactics to keep members far from families demonizing families as spies of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry!

Love is a variety of different feelings, states and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. The hostages in the MKO Cult are deprived from all of these interpersonal affections, feelings and pleasures. They are just indoctrinated to idolize their leader, Massoud Rajavi.

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings and this deep relationship is one of the meaningful elements in the life of human beings. Love provides people with a source of deep fulfilment. The MKO leader has tried hard to shallow this source of fulfilment and to alternate it with an absolute obedience to himself.

Therefore, living in the cult of Rajavi requires denial of the love for your spouse, children, relatives and friends. Besides, caring about love make the cult member accountable for punishment. The punishment in the MKO ranges from self-criticism report writing, peer pressure, being humiliates by superior members and peers, psychological and even physical torture.

In case that family of an MKO hostage try too much to contact their loved one in the MKO camp, the hostage is indoctrinated to write a statement against his or her family. This might be the harshest punishment for a person who thinks of love!

Mazda Parsi  

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