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Modern Slaves (documentary)

Synopsis: Slavery is reflected in destructive mind-control in its modern form. Being treated like animals, traditional slaves were consciously aware of their being enslaved, while modern slaves are not only unaware of their slavery but they also worship their slave-holders like an idol.

Modern slaves are so heavily brainwashed that they even pride themselves on serving their leaders. An example of such slavery is practiced by the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) and it has been well portrayed in the movie, “The Mina Facility”. The MKO, claiming to seek democracy, plunged into moral deterioration throughout its conduct and went as far as forming alliance with Saddam Hussein to attack its home country and kill innocent people.

MKO recruits its members based on one criterion: unquestioning obedience; changes their ideology by introducing the leader as God, and employs them as tools for carrying out acts of terrorism. In this exclusive documentary by Press TV, the producers of “The Mina Facility” present an in-depth analysis of how cults such as MKO operate. A former member of this organization provides some solutions for coming up against ideologies promoting modern slaver

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