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Iran determined to fight against small arms smuggling

Iran determined to fight against small arms smuggling – Mottaki

Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki stressed here on Wednesday at a UN meeting that Iran is quite determined to fight against light and small arms smuggling.

Speaking at a UN gathering titled ‘Prevent, Combat & Eradicate Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects’, Mottaki referred to the existence of hundreds of millions of such weapons around the globe, mainly at the disposal of the civilians.

He added, "Such weapons are used in aggravation of many disputes round the world and using them many innocent people, particularly women and children lie in their blood."

Referring to the geographical status of our country, he added, Iran is one one hand located en route the international path for smuggling narcotic drugs form the East to Europe and the other parts of the world, and on the other hand very often targeted by the armed terrorist groups that are under the supportive umbrella of the aliens."

The Iranian top diplomat said, "Tehran has suffered grave losses for its severe and incessant campaign against notorious narcotic drug traffickers, including the precious lives of over 3,400 of our best disciplinary police officers."

Mottaki added, "One of those terrorist groups is the MKO, that was once supported by the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussain, and is still under the supportive umbrella of the Western countries, who despite their slogans for campaign against terrorism offer them safe havens and propagation facilities there and in Europe." The Iranian FM added, "During the course of the past 25 years the MKO agents have launched 612 terrorist attacks against Iran in which they have used various types of small arms and light weapons, leading to martyrdom of hundreds of Iranian civilians and state officials." He also mentioned that Wednesday, June 28th, was the 25th anniversary of one of the most horrendous terrorist attacks in world history in which former Judiciary Chief of Iran Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti and over 70 Iranian state and parliamentary officials were brutally martyred in Tehran during an Islamic Republic Party extraordinary session on inflation.

Mottaki added, "Today is also the anniversary of the martyrdom of the innocent Kurdish Iraqi residents of Halabja in chemical bombardment of their village by Saddam’s air force, that were provided for Saddam by the US and EU companies.

He said, "Campaign against illicit trade of small arms and light weapons, that is the main objective of our meeting today is definitely of grave importance, and yet the threats posed against global peace by owners of weapons of mass destruction, particularly Israel, is much greater."

Mottaki said, "Iran is determined to fight against all types of terrorism, and would spare no effort in that line in campaign against illicit trade of small arms and light weapons in all its aspects."

He finally elaborated on various moves made by Iran in line with the UN’s program aimed at elimination of such illegal weapons in the region, including launching numerous work groups jointly with neighboring countries.

United Nations, New York, June 29, IRNA






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