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Desperate widow of Massoud Rajavi

This year’s October 21st marks the 23th anniversary of a fake election. Twenty three years ago, Massoud Rajavi, the leader of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO), declared the selection –not election– of his trusted sweet-heart as the “president-elect” of the so-called National Council of Resistance which has been the propaganda front of his organization. Although, Maryam was introduced as the president elect of the Council, none of the members of the Council voted for her. She was just assigned by Massoud!

The title “President Elect” has been embraced by the MKO propaganda for nearly three decades while the original selection of Maryam Rajavi is on the first place contradictory to all values of democracy. Former member of the MKO, Mrs. Ann Singleton has ironically described the fake election inside the group in her Facebook status:

“On the subject of elections the American candidates could take lessons from the MEK. In order to elect Iran’s next President (no, come on, stop laughing already), the Rajavis staged their own election among the MEK members. Voter turnout was compulsory of course, no member would dare not attend when commanded. Neither was it a secret ballot, it was decided by a public show of hands. As a result, Maryam Rajavi was voted with a 100% majority <ahem> as the President elect of Iran. (Where do they dream up such titles?) Oh, and by the way, there only was one candidate. Yes, you guessed it, Maryam Rajavi. And she received only one nomination. Yes, you guessed it – from her husband. That was two and a half decades ago and she’s been President elect ever since, unopposed. See, democracy in all its glory.” 

By the way, Maryam Rajavi has been the “Queen of Propaganda” of the MKO during all the years of her illusory presidency. She has been the leading actress in the MKO’s masquerade shows wearing luxurious suits and Hijab. This year’s Paris gathering was going fine until Saudi Prince Turkie Feisal declared the death of Massoud Rajavi calling him Maryam Rajavi’s “late husband”! This huge gaffe turned Maryam’s smiling face to a shocked panicky one. Although the interpreter was careful enough to conceal the surprising news in the Persian translation, the group propaganda and its Queen were faced with a sever challenge wondering what position to take. However, the authorities of the group sounded to be so prudent on the issue that they cannot confirm or deny it obviously.

Definitely, in any community, when the leader dies, the system seeks to replace the deceased leader with a new person. The appointment of the new leader can be based on elections otherwise the successor has been previously determined. As a matter of fact, Maryam Rajavi has never been appointed as the successor of Massoud because Massoud was not supposed to die at all.

As a cult-leader, Massoud Rajavi was considered in the MKO as an everlasting leader. In the opening speech of the so-called grand gathering on July 9th, Maryam Rajavi repeated the claim by praising her disappeared husband as “the everlasting vigilant lion” – it was just a few minutes later that Turkey Feisal revealed Massoud’s death.

 Actually, Maryam Rajavi is the main victim of Massoud Rajvi’s cult-like system. Being firstly brainwashed by Massoud’s indoctrinations, Maryam turned into the relevant puppet of the leader. She was so horribly manipulated by Massoud that she not only didn’t disagree with his greed for women and power, but also she aided him to achieve all his capricious ambitions in the cult. Maryam Rajavi was the leading person to persuade female members of the group’s Elite Council to get naked in front of Massoud, to marry him and to have sex with him.

Considering the crucial situation of Maryam Rajavi as the widow of Massoud, she seems not to have the necessary capacities of an independent cult-leader. This might explain her recent eagerness to organize meetings with controversial figures. She is resorting to anyone who might aid her in the absence of Massoud’s teachings. Thus, her companions can be find among the most anti-feminism states such as Saudi Arabia despite her long-life slogans for women’s rights and women’s equality.

Today Maryam Rajavi is ambiguously leading the cult of Rajavi. The cult propaganda has launched a huge propaganda to glorify her part as the “President Elect”. The recent enthusiasm to highlight Maryam‘s role seems to be a futile effort to maintain the hegemony of Massoud but the new decline in the group regarding the acceleration of defection of members after the complete relocation in Albania indicates the extent of failure of the cult’s propaganda.

Finally, it is worth to know Ann Singleton’s account about Maryam rajavi’s personality and the current situation of her cult:

“I posted this two years ago. Since then we have been told that Massoud Rajavi has died – although the MEK/NCRI deny this. We know that the MEK have been expelled from Iraq and are now settled in a housing block on the outskirts of Tirana. We know that Saudi Arabia are not keen to promote the MEK because it is no longer useful for the Saudi agenda. The MEK is slowly disintegrating. It would behove Maryam Rajavi to allow people to leave more quickly on humanitarian grounds. A first step would be to allow family contact. But since Rajavi is a callous and jealous woman, we shouldn’t expect much from her. “

Mazda Parsi,

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