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The council and the women commission

We should bear in mind that all the mottoes of the council and its commissions are to justify the functions of the Mujahedeen. Its members are the old staff of the Mujahedeen sect. SARVE NAZ CHITSAZ, the leader of the women commission, is one of the members of the Mujahedeen sect who tried to settle the forced divorces against the members.

In 21 Khordad 1385, this commission tried to abuse from the plan of the regime in terms of having the veil for the women in the offices. They declared that they had performed the regulations having to do with the veil perfectly.

It is funny for the sect that even a small hole in hosiery of men is against the order, but the women should confess about their sexual desires in front of men. The women should explain their dreams for the leader everyday.

As the detached members who have been in the sect for two decades, we must explain the major discrepancies between the recent view of the commission and the previous function of the Mujahedeen:


1)From 1370, after the fall of the families and forced divorce, the house and the office of men and women were separated completely. The women were settled in desolate places or in castles with tall walls.

2)The Mujahedeen represented a plan that no man and woman allow to sit in front seat of an automobile, even the old one.

3)In 1372, a plan was represented that the women should have a pistol to show their nobility upon the men.

4)Some of the women had a sexual relationship with foreign workers in Ashraf garrison. Doesn’t it show the bad function of the sect about the women?

5)All the marriages were performed according the interests of the sect, which was the organized marriage.

The women commission should find answers to the problems of the women who killed themselves because of forced marriages, or for those whose families were separated from them forcibly.

Finally, we come to this conclusion that the Mujahedeen just wants to continue its parasitic life, so at any period try to use new strategies.

TheBlackFile  – 21 June,2006


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