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Source of Legitimacy of MKO’s Presence in Iraq!

Following the comments of Mr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani on the situation of MKO in Iraq, which showed the unanimous attitude of Iraqi government toward the illegal presence of MKO in Iraq, Rajavi’s gang hurriedly resorted to a weak and ineffective person to decrease the effects of Mr. Mashhdani’s comments.

MKO, trying to use an interview in order to justify their illegal presence in Iraq, virtually confirmed this Mr. Mashhadan’s comments that occupiers’ support is the major reason for this group’s presence in Iraq.

MKO’s stupid propaganda system called the statements of the head of Iraqi parliament "fake" and by asking guided questions from a man called "Khalf Al-Ayan" tried to follow the old line of dividing Shiites and Sunnis so as to calm down desperate members.

In a cunning move, MKO officials claimed that Iranian press have announced that Mashhadani has canceled asylum rights of MKO members in Iraq (MKO has never been granted such a right, neither by the US nor Iraqi government) and then asked Khalf Al-Ayan to comment!

In this regard, Al-Ayan said:

"Regarding the issue of MKO’s presence in Iraq and its status for the time being, we should say that Mojahedin have been in Iraq for more than 20 years since the former government granted them political asylum right… but at the current situation, Iraqi government has no control over this because it’s under the occupation; and occupying forces have confirmed asylum right of Mojahedin and are protecting them. When the Iraqi government becomes independent and occupying forces leave the country, then it would be different and the government will independently deal with this issue."

So, it becomes clear that:

1. MKO’s presence in Iraq is rooted in Saddam Hussein’s support for this group and has nothing to do with Iraqi people and current government. In addition, Saddam’s government had not signed any of international conventions on refugees and the MKO that has been in Iraq for 24 years has no related case in UNHCR and other institutions. Saddam had in fact given shelter to Mojahedin and this is not related to political asylum rights.

2. According to Mr. Mashhadani, and confirmed by Al-Ayan, Iraqi government can’t decide on this group currently because of the interferences of occupiers.

3. The claim of getting asylum right from occupiers is a sheer lie. Occupiers have only granted them protected status until the Iraqi government can decide about them. In addition, according to international regulations, occupiers are not authorized to do so. Besides, occupiers that don’t observe any of international laws have been major reason behind the presence of this group in Iraq.

4. The head of Iraqi parliament put it clearly that the Iraqi government can’t expel the MKO from Iraq until the occupiers are in Iraq, and this is what Al-Ayan has pointed to!

Irandidban –   2006/07/10

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