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Protected Status Guarantees no Political Asylum

Desperately struggling with its hard days in Iraq, MKO does not deem it prudent to take direct position against the Iraqi government authorities’ recent reiteration of MKO’s expulsion from Iraq. On the other hand, the Iraqi personalities are careful not to play into MKO’ hands whenever turning on the issue of MKO. Mojahedin, however, take advantage of these statements as tokens of support that postulate the organization’s rights in Iraq.

According to NCRI’s news propaganda quoting some Iraqi press, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister for Security and Services, Dr. Salam al-Zubai, in referring to the issue of Mojahedin has said, “They enjoy the special status of protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention and are protected by United States forces”. Mojahedin published his words as an evidence of his advocating “PMOI members’ right to political asylum in Iraq”.

It is obvious to the world that Mojahedin are enjoying the special status of protected persons granted by the US forces and nothing more. The words in no way denote any support for MKO. Although Mojahedin are maters of playing with the words, but nothing can change the wills of a nation determined to reconstruct a country devoid of terror and disorder.

mojahedin.ws – 12/08/2006

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