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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 210

++ Homeira Mohammad Nejad from the Women’s Association wrote an analytical article in which she explains that nowadays the MEK has abandoned celebration of everything except two events – 30th June (marking the self-immolations of 2004) and 20thOctober (the anniversary of Maryam Rajavi’s internal ‘election’ as president-elect of Iran). Everything else has been abandoned. There are two reasons. One is that people are already leaving in droves, so the group can’t afford to revive or to promote the idea of armed struggle for fear of alienating more. The group is now moving further toward lobbying rather than raising any hopes for active participation in regime change. The other reason is they are seriously afraid of the backlash of the Albanian people who don’t like them at all. The MEK has chosen these two events and done away with its logos and slogans and only promotes pictures of Maryam Rajavi in the hope people will forget who they really are and regard them as benign. This behaviour is obviously not of their choice. The MEK is instructed by its benefactors, such as the Saudis, what to do so that they will be paid.

++ Faramarz Dadras, a political analyst, has posted on his Facebook how sensitive the issue of Massoud Rajavi’s death is for the MEK. He says that apart from this being a product of its cult behaviour, there is credible information that a lot of money is involved and the MEK doesn’t want to announce his death because of this inheritance. His son and wife and wider family are squabbling over the money. This is most unfair, writes Dadras, because those who love him – the members – are not being given the chance to mourn him.

++ Sahar Family Foundation has been inundated by articles and commentary by former MEK members in Albania – with and without names. One of them to mention is titled ‘Tormenting Us with Our Bread’. The writer says that ex-members complain “our bread is in their hands and they are playing with us over that, offering it and withdrawing it with conditions”. The ex-members blame the Americans saying “we know that they know the MEK are doing this to us. They are holding us hostage, saying ‘do as you are told for your money, if you don’t you will not be allowed to eat or have a place to sleep’.”

++ In Iran, Habilian Association published a piece by Khosro Ghanbari Tehrani – famous among the founders of Iran’s Intelligence Agency after the Revolution. He has historically been involved in many areas but now teaches in university. His argument is called ‘The First Bent Brick’. He explains that the MEK was founded on warped principles and actions and therefore Rajavi was able to take advantage of that to build his own warped empire.

In English:

++ Mehr News and Press TV report the reaction of Iran’s Judiciary Chief, Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani, to renewed American sanctions. He says that after thirty years of such “threadbare and futile” actions, “US congress has turned into an automated machine of passing sanctions against Iran”. Larijani says he believes such actions against the Iranian nation results in greater unity and resistance against these pressures. He also dismissed the latest report by UN human rights rapporteur Asma Jahangir saying it reflects the views of Iran’s enemies, including the MEK.

++ Philip Giraldi writes ‘The Rise of MEK/NCRI in Washington: Pay Off The Right People and You Are No Longer A Terrorist’. The article in the American Herald Tribune describes how money has been used to whitewash the MEK’s history. He concludes, “The emergence of NCRI [aka MEK] at this time is just another fool’s game with the usual Washington crowd queuing up for a bad cause because they are both lining their pockets and thinking they are helping Israel by punishing Iran.  In any event it is a poor bargain for the rest of us, but that hardly seems to matter anymore.”

++ Nejat Society in Semnan, Iran held a meeting in which five MEK formers signed a petition to bring Massoud and Maryam Rajavi to justice and face a fair international court for their crimes against humanity. They asked the UNHCR and the Albanian government to facilitate visits for MEK members in Tirana by their families.

++ Yuram Abdullah Weiler writes in the American Herald Tribune that under Donald Trump, Iran is again being accused through the US media of covertly pursuing nuclear arms. “Fox News has announced that the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)… has once again managed to obtain ‘intelligence’ relating to a covert nuclear weapons program hidden skillfully from the peering eyes of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspectors.” Weiler exposes Alireza Jafarzadeh – a Fox News ‘consultant’ – as a long-term member of the terrorist MEK whose previous ‘revelations’ of Iran’s activities have been found to be fake.

 November 03, 2017

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