I am sure my brother loves his family

Nejat Society members of Khuzestan branch met Sheikh Mansuri family. Their beloved son; Nesar was a POW of Iran-Iraq war when the MKO recruiters deceived him into joining the cult. He is taken hostage by the Cult of Rajavi now for long years.

Ms. Mansuri; their beloved Nasar is hostage of the MKO Cult

I am sure my brother loves his family; says Ms. Samira Mansuri, Nesar’s sister. She recounted the story of their last visit to the MKO Camp Liberty in Iraq:

“we were striking in front of the Camp Liberty gates along with other families. All the families wrote and signed petitions to the UNHCR asking for a visit with our beloveds”. The UNHCR representative however quoting the MKO cult leaders, said that the members were unwilling to visit you. And we can do nothing … .  We were all sure that the cult leaders do not tell the truth. And our beloved family members were under severe pressure and manipulation of the cult. .. 

Nesar regularly wrote letter to us when he was captive in the Baath prison Camps. However as soon as he transferred to the MKO Camps, the Rajavis didn’t allow him to write letter or contact his family.”


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