MKO Cult hostage brother recounts his ordeals

Mr. Nader Zare whose beloved brother; Fereydoun is enslaved by the Cult of Mujahedin-e Khalq met the Nejat Society members at Nejat office of Khuzestan branch.

Mr. Nader Zare; the MKO Cult hostage’s brother

Nejat Society members clarified the situation of MKO members in Albania as well as the fragile situation of the cult there. Mr. Zare thanked the Nejat Society members’ efforts on liberating those enslaved within the bars of Mujaheidn-e Khalq Cult.

Mr. Zare recounted his ordeals:” I have traveled to MKO Camps in Iraq 11 times. I could witness the cult-like nature of the group.  Once in 2003 I managed to enter the MKO Camp Ashraf and visit my brother. Fereydoun was disabled from both legs. We couldn’t talk freely with each other since the cult elements were with us everywhere… a person called Rashid was one of my brother’s higher level responsible. I told him:” Fereydoun is disabled from both legs. He is of no use to your organization.  My aging mother is ill. Let me take him with me. Rashid smiled and told me with a shout: ”take him if you can..”

Then I asked Fereydoun to come with me. Fereydoun however threw his head down and replied me while tearing:” I cannot”   


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