MKO Cult leaders refused us to visit you

Fatemeh Ghasemi has a brother captivated behind the bars of the Rajavis’ cult. Habib left home for Greece in 2002. However in Turkey the MKO elements tricked him into joining the cult.

Fatemeh Ghasemi; MKO hostage's sister

She wrote a letter to her dear brother and published it on the NejatNGO website in order Habib may see and read it. The cult leaders deny members to have any contact with their family and the outside world.

Some part of the letter reads:” hi, my dear brother. Are you good? Where are you?  We are still waiting to hear from you all days and all nights… Rohollah and me came in front of the Camp Liberty gates last year in accompany with other families. We held your photo . we called you loudly as much as we could. We just wanted to see you. However the cult leaders didn’t allow us to visit you. I am sure they didn’t tell you about us….”  


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