To my brother; Amir

Mr. Amir Hezbepour was got hostage by the MKO elements during Iran-Iraq war in 1987. [During the Iran-Iraq War the Mujahedin-e Khalq fought as Saddam Hussein’s army against their own countrymen. ]

Mr. Hezbipour is transferred to Albania along with other MKO members. His brother has written a letter to him;

My dear brother, the Iraqi national TV showed your image after you were captivated by the Rajavi’s elements in Haj Omran area. We were all sad…. It is now more than 29 years than we have had no contact with you, no news, no letter, … . we all miss you . we and esp. our parents have suffered a lot during these years. Wecant wait to see you again…

My dear brother, for years we thought that you have forgotten us . However when we heard the life story of those who have managed themselves from the MKO Camps we understood that the MKO leaders do not allow members to contact their families. Now we know that you have no access to the outside world. We are happy that you transferred from the war-torn country of Iraq to Albania. We are waiting to hear from you soon. We try our best to help you release yourself from the MKO Cult…..

Our parent are waiting impatiently to hear you voice….

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