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Iraq Must Get Rid of MKO

"Democracy or the Return of Shaabanieh Uprising" by Dr. Latif Vakil, professor of political science in the universities of Berlin and Denmark, has been published in Iraqi newspaper "Ghandil". In the article, mostly on the reasons of Iraq’s occupation by the US, terrorists and active Baathist groups in Iraq, Dr. Vakil pointed to the MKO and wrote:

"If we look at the policies of the US in Iraq, it will seem funny that the MKO- an international terrorist organization- is being protected by Americans. Before accusing Iran of sponsoring terrorism, the US should extradite terrorists of MKO to Iran because these people are the masters of Iran’s terrorists.

Were Saddam’s mercenaries destroyed? Or did they infiltrate Iraqi society? How many of them were killed? How many were captured by Justice? What’s important is that these armed criminals are at large, are in touch with each other, and continue their assassinations. However, it’s even more painful that some of these people returned to power and hid their past under new names or fake movements…

If we can’t stop Baathists, we should at least get rid of MKO and other Baathist groups that were involved in suppressing the uprising of Shaabanieh.

Baathists’ homes should not be the safe havens for terrorists like Zarqawi and other mobs who have no mercy for religion or the country. We warn these terrorists- who believe in terrorism as the only way of defense- that the time will come when we will take them out of their shelters, like what we did with their master Saddam Hussein."

Irandidban – 2006/09/03

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