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A Letter to the Multi-National Force in Support of MKO

The presense of Mojahedin Khalq in Iraq is really one of those critical problems for the Iraqi government to tackle. Banned to conduct direct propaganda activities, the group takes advantage of the Iraqi dissenters, parties and individuals, to muster supporters advocating its stay in Iraq. In many cases, these publicized instances of supporting serves as a means of warnings by minorities directed at the legally elected government.

Seeing that the Iraqi government has taken a decisive decision to expel the MKO terrorist group, in this new case of announcing support for the group, the letter of support is instructed to be addressed to the Multi-National Force – Iraq (MNF-I). Reported by NCRI’s website, the founder of the Islamic Alliance Party (IAP), Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad al-Moussawi al-Qasemi, has written a letter to the MNF-I stressing that "PMOI members’ presence in Iraq as political refugees is legitimate, lawful and in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention”.

Interestingly, this Ayatollah stressing that “the IAP was an Islamic and tolerant party”, seems to be thoroughly unaware of the group’s eclectic and counter-Islamic ideology whose aim, as claimed recurrently, is to establish a secular state in Iran. And of course, he did not know anything about its terrorist nature, its past atrocities against both Iraqi and Iranian people, and that its members were disarmed by the multi-national forces when he stated “we respect their great history and are proud of their presence in Iraq”.

It is not the fault of these dissenters; they are beguiled by the masters of ploys and distortion.

mojahedin.ws  – 01/10/2006

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