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MKO: Shameless Mercenary Force

Months after baseless claims were expressed on Iran’s interference in Iraq, US military officials presented loose evidence, which included a number of photos of weapons and ammunition; meanwhile it was made clear that the evidence was fake and that the dates on the ammo had nothing to do with Iran’s ammunition factories.

It’s apparent that presenting such documents is only aimed at boosting the claims of warmongers, who try to accuse Iran of interference in Iraq. The final purpose of such people is to pave the way for military invasion against Iran.

However, the world is now aware- due to the exposure of US’s deceptions in Iraq- and understands that such lies are aimed at serving warmongers’ ambitions and come only from those who seek a war with Iran.

Members of Congress and many other US politicians represent their people in criticizing such lies and reveal their real nature to the public opinion.

Meanwhile, the remnants of bankrupt gang of Rajavi have recently turned into the mouthpiece of warmongers, working in the favor of their interests.

After Pentagon lies against Iran were exposed, Alireza Jafarzadeh, member and spokesman of MKO in the US, came to the scene and claimed that "advanced bombs that kill Iraqis have been made in Sattari Industries, which is controlled by Revolutionary Guards Corps, and transferred to Qods Force. These bombs are then smuggled into Iraqi through 3 border points, including Mehran."

So, this is exactly what a US spy had said to Germany’s "Monitor: "MKO’s assigned with the things CIA is ashamed of doing".

When the Pentagon agents wanted to present their fake evidence they didn’t show their faces, but the MKO publishes lies and fake documents without any shame.


Irandidban –  2007/02/17

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