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Terrorist, Mercenary, Spy…

“National Council of Resistance is a branch of Mujahedin-e-Khalq which is listed as a terrorist group in US and EU. Mujahedin were Saddam’s mercenary during the 1980s when they launched cross border attacks against Iran. NCR is proud of having denounced Iran clandestine nuclear facilities in Natans. Though, according to a report by the expertise journal Nuclear Fuel in December 2002, IAEA has already been completely aware of those facilities.”

Extracted from the report published in the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” on 10/24/08, relating the press conference held by MKO, meanwhile the seasonal meetings of IAEA council.

Mujahedin-e-Khalq must believe that the world has achieved a unified description of them, having recorded them as terrorist, cultist, mercenary and spy. The MEK should pay the price of this changed description by their own nature and it is definitely obvious that the cults don’t shoot their own nature and the world has basically accepted that spying, warmongering and terrorism are rooted from the cult-like nature of MEK. 

All treasons committed by Mujahedin take their roots from their cult-like practices. Which Iranian is willing to tie his fate with a criminal dictator like Saddam Hussein? Or is proud of submitting the nuclear information of his own country to foreigners? And shouts proudly that “we have denounced Iran!” all those are justified by a manipulated mind. This is a matter that is responded by psychology: the cults have no will.  

“MEK has long been considered as the most important spying network in Iran but today they seem to have a very weak operational power. “

Figaro 10/26/2008

It is not an accident that everyone believes in MKO as spies and implicitly states that they are an ended movement. This is a reality that was proved following the fall of Saddam Hussein. But the MEK are trying to survive as long as possible by their false propaganda.

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