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Rajavi’s lingering promise

It has been assumed that the US presidential election might bring about dramatic effects on the final destiny of Mojahedin. In this regard, Masoud Rajavi and his theoretician in shadow, Bijan Niyabati, have made false predictions about the occurrence of fundamental changes in the Middle East turning it to the Great Middle East under the control of the US. They have also taken it for granted that there would be a fateful decision making on the US policy in dealing with the Iranian government. However, contrary to their naïve remarks, there appeared faint traces of Iran-U.S relevant détente.   

Here we avoid reflecting upon the foolish delusions of Mojahedin leadership, as it is a common practice committed in MKO. However, keeping silent on the fantastic and simplistic views of Masoud Rajavi is highly favored by Mojahedin at the time being so as to conceal their low level of political awareness. 

It has to be pointed out that the main strategy of Mojahedin leadership in recent years has been grabbing hold of empty promises to keep on his illegitimate hold over the body and soul of a number of deceived and ill-fated individuals. Two years ago, Rajavi promised to make the grounds for the overthrow of the Iranian regime up to the U.S presidential election; otherwise, members would be free to either remain in Camp Ashraf (dwelling of Mojahedin rank-and-files in Iraqi soil) or quit the organization. Now the countdown reaching the zero, Mojahedin members, advocates, and sympathizer are expected to bring into question Rajavi’s last unfulfilled promise and make a just analysis of his rhetoric the true nature of his cultic and totalitarian leadership.  

At the time being, Rajavi would certainly seek another excuse at least to keep his control over the remnants of his cult. He is well aware of his lack of the least social support inside Iran due to his disloyalty to his own country in cooperating with Saddam in invading the Iranian soil in 1980s. Also, he has encountered an impasse in Iraq pretending to stop armed warfare. Being blacklisted as a terrorist organization is another challenge worsening the state of affairs for Rajavi. A strong reaction to the present critical conditions is expected of him by those familiar with his manner of conduct. It may be an imminent statement or a message issued by him.     

What is of interest here is speculating the content of Rajavi’s forthcoming message.  The justifications he would give as for the reasons why he has been wrong in his predictions once more is of no importance since they are the result of a psychopathic personality that grabs at cultic, brainwashing techniques and thought reform to lead the organization that is no more considered a political but notorious terrorist cult having secured a position among global terrorists. Therefore, we are more concerned with the new plot he has contrived to distract the world’s attention away from his last blunder. The removal of the name of the organization from terrorist list of the EU seems to be the focus of his next message.     

Despite anti-imperialist and anti-American nature of MKO reflected in its principles and creeds, as well as its assassination of American employees and military personnel and its active participation in the US Embassy hostage-taking crisis, Rajavi’s new remedy to pass over the critical situation has proved to be the White House. Maybe he intended to lead the way of the new president to achieve his political objective and make his way of assuming political power in Iran. He may also be under the illusion that once “imperialist and enemy’s of the nations” proceeds to recognize it as an alternative. In any case, many are still laughing at his naïve remarks while others are waiting to see how he will let his followers free to choose their own destiny now that the time has drawn to its limit.   

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