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Why MeK keeps making the promise of overthrowing Iran’s gov’t

After Maryam Rajavi in 2010 and Parviz Khazaei in 2012, now is the MeK’s European patron Struan Stevenson to predict the overthrow of Iranian government.

Each time that the group makes a promise, they resort to a ground to reiterate their unending promises over and over again.

The MeK leadership’s excuse for this time is deepening the "cracks" among political parties in Iran, which has been stated by Stevenson.

"But his gerrymandering of the election lists may turn out to be the last straw for people who have had enough of fascist oppression, terrorism, corruption and brutality. The fault lines continue to deepen as more and more cracks appear. 2016 will be a pivotal year for Iran and it may well be the year that sees an end to the world’s most dangerous regime."

The reason that the hiding leader of MeK does not make such a promise is mainly because what he said in a public meeting years before his breakout. He said, "I withdraw all my remarks as regards the overthrowing. I’ve made a ghastly mistake."

Of course he intended to fool the members by this as he found it necessary that all the members accept to remain in Iraq with a long-term vision and with no hope. But this strategy did not hinder MeK leadership to resort to false promises in order to keep the frustrated and disappointed members in the camps in Iraq.

In 2007, for example, Rajavi assured the members that US Republicans would definitely attack Iran and that year was Iranian government’s final year.

So why such claims are repeated and the deadline for overthrowing Iranian government is being extended?

The truth is that the disillusioned members of MeK need a beacon of hope. They need to know that they will be released from that miserable condition one day and that they can take their revenge on the Iranian people after Rajavi’s gaining power.

Misinformation on the conditions in Iran is also like that. The Rajavi and his members are interested in misrepresenting the conditions in Iran and claim that Iran is a crisis-stricken country.

Of course the MeK leader intends to wage a so-called psychological warfare against the supporters of the other party with these claims.

But the major function of these promises is for the Rajavi to keep the miserable members and convince them not to leave the Rajavi’s organization and look forward to the day that the regime is "overthrown by itself."

2016 will be over and we should look forward to the next grounds of the MeK to repeat the promise!

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