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Nejat News Letter – No. 54

Nejat Newsletter

Inside this Issue:

  1. The MKO Leaders Keep On Intimidating The Defectors Of Their CultNejat Newsletter
  2. EU Splits With Trump On Iran Nuclear Deal – Analysis
  3. Bolton’s Push For Regime Change In Iran
  4. Iran’s Mohajedeen E Khalq: MEK Money Sure Can’t Buy Love
  5. The MEK’s Man Inside The White House
  6. Who Finances The Military Base Of MKO Terrorists In Albania?
  7. How Trump’s Ditching Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal  Affirms American Unipolarity—With Obama’s Help
  8. Iran: US Has Fallen In The Direction Of Fantasies Of MEK Terrorist Cult
  9. Iran Diary: Bracing For AllOut Economic War

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