Nejat Families meet IRC representatives in Shiraz

According to Nejat Society’s reporter in Shiraz, on Thursday,November 16th at 15 pm, a number of MEK’s families who are members of Nejat Society Shiraz Branch ,visited "Mr. Anderson" and "Mr. Bruce Graham", the representatives of International Red Cross in order to discuss the salvation of their beloved children.

During the meeting the families asked the IRC’s delegation to assist them to visit their children captured in Camp Ashraf and have phone calls with them.

At the end, Mr. Anderson the assistant of IRC promised the members of Nejat Society that according to Human Freedom Charter reminds the primary human rights to American officials in Iraq. These primary human rights include:

1- The residents of Ashraf could visit their families without the presence of MKO’s officials.

2- The residents of Ashraf could call their parents.

3- The residents of Ashraf could contact their families through writing letters.

A statement was arranged and signed by the attendees and delivered to IRC’s representative to be investigated.

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