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Foreign journalists visit Nejat Society members in Shiraz

Following the arrival of a number of foreign journalists and reporters to cover the report on the conference to address nuclear disarmament held by IRI in Tehran, they traveled to Shiraz on April 20th, 2010 a number of victims of Mujahedin’s terrorist activities and some members of Nejat Society Shiraz branch visited the journalists.

During the visit, the families of victims of Rajavi’s cult offered their testimonies describing the crimes MEK committed against them. They asked the journalists to voice the Iranians’ call to protest against Western support for MEK. They condemned the West’s double standard towards the terrorist MEK Cult.

The members of Nejat Society described the manipulative techniques used by the cult to deceive their family members or their ex-comrades in Camp Ashraf. They seriously condemned the MEK’s crimes and the Western politicians who support MEK.

During the visit the journalists were invited to watch some videos on MEK crimes which impressed them seriously so that they offered their sympathy to those victims of terror .

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