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What is Maryam Rajavi doing in Albania?

Maryam Rajavi

Since the relocation of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) in Albania, the co-leader Maryam Rajavi has traveled from Paris to Tirana several times. She usually travels to Tirana for especial occasions such as New Year’s celebration or to receive the paid American supporters of the group who are invited to the base. One instance was Senator John McCain who visited Maryam Rajavi in the group’s base in Tirana in April 2017.

According to the insiders of the MKO, Maryam Rajavi is once more in Tirana but it seems that this time the trip has a different reason. She is residing at International Hotel, Tirana where she holds meetings with commanders and senior members of the group.

What has driven her to the group’s base in Albania and stay there for a long period of time? She might have found it vital to reorganize her group in the absence of her disappeared husband Massoud Rajavi.

The major reason might be the increasing number of defection from the group. During the past week, at least three ex-members of the group officially announced their disassociation from the MKO and declared their readiness to denounce its abusive and violent nature. Azim MishMast, GholamAli Mirzaiee and Musa Damrudi are the most recently defected ones. All of the three were among the longstanding members of the group who left it after at least three decades.

These are just a few examples of those who officially declared their defection. Definitely, the number of defectors are far more than what is broadcasted in the media. Once the MKO was resettled in Albania, the situation became safer for defectors compared with Iraq where most members were terrified by the leaders for what they called the influence of the Iranian regime—however, hundreds of members of the MKO left the group in Iraq, especially after the disarmament of the group by the US military in 2003.

After the relocation in Albania, a large number left the group secretly and in silence. Zeinab Hosseinnejad whose father Ghorbanali had left the group a few years earlier, could manage to leave the MKO and move to Greece. Her defection was not covered in the media until last week that her sister Mona and her father travelled to Greece to visit her. The tragic videos of the reunion of the Hosseinnejads after so many years of separation was widely viewed in the social media.

Today, Maryam Rajavi’s primary struggle is the preservation of members inside the cult-like structure of the group. As she tries to convince members to stay in the organization, her so-called struggle for freedom and democracy makes no sense.

In fact, while she uses the group’s propaganda tribunes to boast of her riot units (or the so-called resistance units) in Iran, she actually is fighting the resistance units that has been established by the suppressed members inside her group.

An insider from the group has revealed that long-time manipulative meetings are organized in the group’s headquarters in Manez Durres in North of Tirana. The MKO’s secretary General Zahra Merikhi runs the sessions in which she accuses members for not being enough dedicated to the cult jargon “Cleansing on the Scene”.

Cleansing on the Scene includes self-disclosure of sexual thoughts. Members have to disclose all their sexual thoughts and desires before their peers and peers, in their turn, are tasked with verbally abusing them. This is a process of cleansing to win the struggle against Iranian regime, according to the leaders of the MKO.

The prominent paid supporter of the MKO John Bolton promised the overthrow of the Islamic Republic before 2019, in a paid speech at the group’s rally in July 2017. Now, there are only two months left to the promised moment. The group leaders have to endeavor a big challenge to keep the members in order to prevent the collapse of their establishment, let alone the overthrow of the Iranian Government.

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