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Charge d’affaires explains invalidity of MKO testimony

Charge d’affaires explains invalidity of MKO testimony to Argentine Judge

Iranian charge d’affaires to Argentina Mohsen Baharvand explained invalidity of the testimony made by members of terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) to Argentine Judge Rodolfo Conicoba Corral, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini said on Sunday.

He told reporters that the meeting of the charge d’affaires with the Argentine judge had been arranged seven months ago in the context of cooperation between Tehran and Buenos Aires on legal proceedings about bombing of Argentine Jewish Center (AMIA).

"Following Tehran prosecutor’s decision to reciprocate Argentine justice system’s action violating immunity of Iranian government, the Foreign Ministry planned a meeting to take place in Buenos Aires between Iranian charge d’affaires and and Judge Corral to help him get rid of isolated approach and the big mistake he committed in the legal proceedings about the AMIA bombing."

"The charge d’affaires enlightened the Argentine judge that testimony produced by MKO members who according to US State Department are the dangerous terrorists of the Middle East is invalid and away from wisdom, especially the allegation that the terrorist bombing has taken place in reaction to Argentine government’s refusal to go ahead with cooperation on nuclear program," Hosseini said.

The spokesman said that Iranian Jewish community enjoy freedom and they have historical co-existence with other communities of Iranians so that the Argentine justice system has been misled by the false testimonies to bring those responsible to justice.

He said that Iranian nation and government sympathize with the bereaved families of AMIA bombing and is ready to cooperate with Argentine justice system to hunt down the terrorists.

"Iran reserves the right to defend Iranian nationals against baseless allegations about AMIA bombing and expects Buenos Aires government to respect immunity of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its senior officials."

IRNA –  December 03, 2006

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