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Open Letter to the Head Office of the Pentagon

Dear Sir / Madam,

Following the recent news about the possible recruitment, and retraining, of the members of the Mojahedin-e- Khalq (MEK) by the head of the Pentagon, for the purpose of using them against the Iranian regime, created serious concerns within the Iranian communities in general and among the former members of MEK in particular. This guerilla Organization which operates under 125 different titles including Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), National Council of Resistance (NCR) and National Liberation Army (NLA) has a long history of changing hats and riding the waves in different climates that should be known to you after dealing with them for the past two decades.

In our opinion you are well aware of the 1994 State Department report which describes this organization as a terrorist group. The leadership of MEK, the Rajavis, ignored the report at the time since they were being supported and financed by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and the MEK had total reliance on him. However, after the collapse of the despot they have tried to find a new ally, this time in the West, yet their main obstacle has remained the above mentioned report. In their efforts they knocked at every door and offered every service to reverse and null that classification.

We, as the former members of this group, wish to emphasize that the MEK is founded and based on violent principals and believes in militant solutions even against the current major developments of the International community which tends to be against the terror and violence.

The leadership of the MEK, Mr. Masoud Rajavi and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and a few major players, has not officially denounced the militant operations and violence which has been the pillar of this organization in the past forty years since the original formation of the MEK. Recently, the Secretary General of MEK, in Camp Ashraf, requested that their status should be reconsidered and their arms, which have been confiscated by U.S Forces in March 2003, should be returned to them.

We also trust that you are well aware of this group’s past anti American activities in Iran during the Shah’s regime in which time the MEK has assassinated the six American Generals, while on a mission in Iran. Many Iranian innocent civilians were also the victims of the MEK terrorist activities inside the country.

In conclusion we feel obliged to assure you that this group will never be considered as an alternative not only for the existing regime but even a mere force of a regime change. Iranians have knowledge of this organizations activities and affiliations and will never bestow their trust on them.

Our sincere advice to you, as informed former members of this organization, is that you should follow the examples available to you. If the people of Iran in their desperate struggle for freedom refuse to ally themselves with a group that has proven not to be trustworthy why should you even consider trying it.


Pars- Iran

Pars- Iran – December 8, 2006

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