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Open letter to Mr. Ad Melkert , head of delegation of the UN in Iraq

The media related to pmoi quoted by you, claimed that you ,as the head of delegation of the United Nations in Iraq , are reluctant and opposed to the expelling pmoi from Iraq which will happen till end of 2011. We do not know that such quotation and remark by you is true or not.
The members of Kanoon Iran Ghalam Association ,who some of them have more than 20 years of membership and activity inside pmoi relations in Iraq and Europe and at present time they are in Europe as separated members, political critics and experts of this organization ,would like to draw your attention to the following facts:

1. You Know by now that the name of this organization stayed in the terrorist list of the US state department for 2011.

2. In this terrorist list, there is a de facto emphasis of undemocratic relations against the members of this organization which is existing in their internal relations.

3. The members of this organization are deprived of their fundamental rights which is written and mentioned in the United Nations Charter, like right of marriage, right of meeting with their loved ones and their parents freely.

4. This organization has kept their members as prisoners and captives and in this regard the pmoi operatives do not let the dissident members leave the organization.

5. Under these circumstances according to the United Nations’ humanitarian and organizational duties, the United Nations should intervene and prevent any kind of violent activities, abuse and exploitation of those stranded members.

Honorable Mr. Ad Melkert
You should be informed that the pmoi operatives are trying their best to stay in Iraq on purpose and their desire is to keep their organization intact, in this regard they have begun deceiving the public opinion to show themselves as innocent people to prevent their stranded members from reaching to their desires which is freedom and justice.
Recently the Guardian Newspaper wrote that ¨ the pmoi operatives had given money to the former American officials for their participation and speech in pmoi rallies¨, and in this regard the Voice of America quoted by Huffington Post reported that ¨ propaganda in favor of pmoi is a good source for the US former politicians to fill their pockets with millions of dollars¨
Mr. Ad Melkert
Unfortunately we should inform you that between the financial abuses and captivity of those stranded members in that organization , Ashraf in Iraq , there is a logical and direct connection. You should know that the premiere objective of keeping those stranded members in that organization on Iraq soil is to defend and protect the life of Massoud Rajavi, the pmoi spiritual leader who is still in Iraq. Those stranded members have been used as cannon fodder and human shields by pmoi operatives to protect him and confront with any unpredictable events. The pmoi internal relations, character and its leadership substantially is not equivalent to any democratic parties.
This organization is run and controlled like a religious cult. A cult which does not believe in freedom of thoughts and free elections and it indoctrinates its beliefs on its members.
The leadership in pmoi is not a political matter on the contrary it is totally a religious and sacred position which is comparable with the leadership in Al Qaida and Massoud Rajavi’s position in pmoi is the same as Ben Laden’s in Al Qaida.
You, as the head of the UN delegation in Iraq, are in your last days of your mission, we are expecting you to think about the trampled rights of those pmoi stranded members one more time and you know perfectly that the choice of a free life is their legitimate and fundamental right which has been taken from them. We are urging you to convey our letter to your successor in UN office in Baghdad.
Kanoon Iran Ghalam is delighted to inform you and your honorable colleagues more on this subject which is about the pmoi internal relations and systematic suppression and oppression of pmoi members in Iraq and Europe. Preventing more abuses and suppression of those stranded members in pmoi, it is better to shut down the Ashraf garrison, the container of pmoi cruelty, systematic suppression, terrorism and violence in Iraq, as soon as possible and the pmoi stranded members’ rights should be recognized and respected individually by the United Nations and they should have a chance to live in the free world.

Iran Ghalam Association

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