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Latest testimony on the murder of an MKO member

Malek Shara’i

A former member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/MEK/PMOI/Cult of Rajavi) Nabi Ahmadi states new dimensions on the death of Malik Sharaei in the group’s camp in Albania.
Malik Sharaei, 47, was one of the few remaining witnesses of the mysterious death of 53 MKO members in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.
Nabi Ahmadi asserts that Malik was on of his intimate friends when he was in the MKO.

“Before my departure we used to talk a lot, “Nabi writes. “Malik said he wanted to leave the group but he didn’t know how he would be able to do that.”

According to Nabi, Malik had two problems. One was his fear of the outside world and the second was his involvement in the clashes of Camp Ashraf.
Nabi tried to convince him that the world outside the MKO is not a problem but he could not help him with his concerns on his presence in the clashes in Camp Ashraf. Malik was concerned about all the information he had about the last days in Camp Ashraf.

“After my escape from the MKO, Malik could not tolerate the group anymore,” Nabi states. “He asked to leave the group but in response he was jailed in a quarantine and then he was physically eliminated by the MKO leaders.”

Malik’s death was declared by the MKO news media as he was drowned in the irrigation channel after he got into it to help a comrade who was at risk of drowning. “Malik was a professional swimmer.” Nabi wonders. ”it’s not logical that he was drowned after he rescued another person!”

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