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Torture and murder within the Rajavi cult

The MKO terrorist organization always claims to be a full supporter of freedom of expression and human rights and condemns any arrest, imprisonment and torture. However, all MKO’s separated memners insist on bearing and witnessing savage tortures and murders as a fixed routine within the cult.

The following are just parts of MKO’s ex-members’ testimonials on Torture and murder within the Rajavi cult:

1. Ordered by the MKO’s officials, Hussein Shokouhian was thrown down a building in Camp Al-Ramadi. He fell on high-voltage cables and then on the earth which led him to mental disorders including amnesia.

2. Fereidoun Shakouri endured torture for several months following his objection against the cult. He then was kidnapped by an MKO team across Azhadi Building while his body was found in Bab Al-Sharji district with his vessels torn and a fatal blow to the head. Following full tests, he was found survived the tortures, however the MKO deceived everyone by telling he had committed suicide.

3. While in a prison within Camp Ashraf, Jalal Selki endured any tortures for 13 months. He was tortured by Nader Rafee’inejad, Adib and Majid Alamian while his cell found filled with water.

4. Valiyyollah Goudini was tortured by Majid Alamian in Camp Ashraf.

5. Saeed Kiani was murdered by the MKO in Basra following his objections against the cult.

6. Ja’far Kehzadmanesh was murdered following his questioning the MKO’s views.

And hundreds of other members who were tortured or murdered in secret are among the MKO’s victims.

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