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EU sources: MKO will not be removed from terror list

A European Union diplomat in Brussels has stressed that there is no chance of any political change to review the status of groups which are currently on the EU terror list.

"Definitely there will not be any change. The MKO will stay on the terror list," the EU diplomat told IRNA, speaking on condition of anonymity.

On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice annulled a decision by the EU to freeze the assets of the terrorist MKO grouplet.

The diplomat, however, explained that the case was annulled on procedural matters.

The court said the MKO was not given a fair hearing to defend itself against the move to blacklist it.

The EU, in a statement on Tuesday, said that the European bloc now intends to provide a statement of reasons to each person and entity subject to the asset freeze, wherever that is feasible, and to establish a clearer and more transparent procedure for allowing listed persons and entities to request that their case be re-considered.

Jean-Claude Piris, legal counsel to the Council of the EU, told a news conference in Brussels Tuesday that the EU will examine in a thorough way the judgment of the European court.

Piris said the decision to include the MKO was taken by consensus of all EU member states. "It was not arbitrary."

The Council of the EU represents the governments of the 25 member states.

He said the MKO remains on the terror list and its assets in Europe will remain frozen.

The EU will consider whether to make an appeal limited to points of law to the Court of Justice against this judgment, noted the EU statement.

The EU put the MKO on its terror list on May 2, 2002.

Since then, the EU has updated the blacklist several times and the MKO has been maintained on the list.

Dec 13, IRNA

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