Iran dismisses European Court’s ruling on MKO assets

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad- Ali Hosseini on Wednesday dismissed as "legally unjustified and unacceptable" a ruling by the European Court of First Instance which annulled an EU decision to freeze the assets of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization (MKO).

"The ruling runs counter to the spirit of the UN Security Council resolution 1373 which holds governments responsible for fighting terrorist groups," said Hosseini on Wednesday.

Hosseini said such a measure will bring the credit and competency of authorities whose main responsibility is to defending people’s interests and fundamental rights under question.

The world public opinion will never forget MKO’s black record of inhumane crimes including their complicity in massacre of innocent Iranian and Iraqi people by former regime of Saddam Hussein, he added.

He said MKO has been recognized as a terrorist group by international organizations on the basis of the UN Security Council resolution 1373 and an European Union approval.

He added that any measure to unfreeze terrorists’ assets could serve to revive terrorism and spread terrorist activities. It will also be contrary to the responsibilities of the European Union in campaign against terrorism, he added.

Iran calls for an appeal against the European Court of First Instance, urging a fair and just judgment.

Tehran, Dec 13, IRNA

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