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Coalition of Zionists, Wahabis and Baathists

Events and developments indicate that the idea of Salafis’ Wahabism, backed and promoted by Saudis and Wahabis in Persian Gulf region, is one of the main forces behind terrorism in the world.

Al-Qaeda, Taliban, followers of Zarqawi and suicide bombers in Iraq and all over the world are all the outcomes of this terrorist thought. If we deny this fact how can we interpret the terrorist operations of Wahabis in mosques and markets, particularly in Shiite districts?

If we search the world from the East to the West, we won’t be able to find anyone who backs the idea of performing terrorist operations in Shiite areas except Wahabis themselves who believe that killing Shiites is necessary and holy act! Extremist Wahabis consider all Shiites, without any exception, as unbelievers, hypocrites and evil the killing of whom is necessary in their religion. Leaders of Wahabism believe that Shiites are apostates and that they should be killed before Jihad is declared against other unbelievers. There’s no doubt that the enemies of Islam back this idea so as to prevent the spread of Islam in the world and to ruin the face of Islam.

Evil Coalition

So, the Zionists and Mosad would probably use these irrational people to conduct bombings and operations in Iraq. Zionists have an old enmity towards Shiites, who forced them t experience the taste of failure in the war on Hizballah.

Presence of Zionist analysts in Al-Jazeera TV channel and their stances against Shiites and insisting on getting rid of them is not surprising because the Zionists and Wahabis are on one side together.

The coalition of Zionists, Wahabis and Baathists and a number of Arab leaders is to destroy Shittes and push them to the sidelines.

This coalition is not new since according to the reports, Baathists came to power by Americans the history of this coalition returns back to a time before Shiites taking power in Iraq, the victory of Hizballah and Iran’s nuclear developments.

The role of mercenaries of Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist organization also should be considered. This treacherous group, ready to sell itself, is angry from Iraqis, Shiites and Kurds and works hard alongside Wahabis and Baathists to promote terrorism. This group is a tool in the hand of Mossad and America.

Sotaliraq/Osama al-Najafi


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