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MKO Suggests Coalition of Iraqi Dissidents

In a conference held in France that was orchestrated by MKO under the alias title of “Society for Peace Advancement”, Afshin Alavi, a member of NCRI, suggested that the only solution to restore peace in Iraq is “to establish a coalition of Iraqi groups formed around Ashraf City and the People’s Mojahedin of Iran”. He believes Camp Ashraf has the potentiality to be turned into a bastion of dissidents.

Following the Islamic revolution in Iran, the leaders of MKO fled to France to form a coalition against Iran to topple the newly formed regime. They called it the National Council of Resistance of Iran. What at the present remains of the NCRI is only a title since the hegemonic domination of MKO made many other Iranian diaspora to separate from the council.

It seems as if MKO has been successful in establishing the advertised democracy in Iran that now suggests formation of another coalition that will probably call it the National Council of Resistance of Iraq with itself as the leading cell. The group has recurrently condemned Iran of interfering in Iraq’s domestic affairs, but what it can be called when a terrorist group puts forward to form a coalition of dissident groups against a legally established government that intends to expel them.

Mojahedin WS, June 15, 2007

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