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MKO Attacks Paris Meeting

The meeting of an association of Iranians in France that supposed to be held on Sunday under the title of "Yes to Peace and Peaceufl Coexistence, No to Violence and Sectarianism", was canceled by the attack of an unknown group, allegedly tied to MKO.

According to IRNA from Paris, fifty unknown men, allegedly the members of Mojahedin-e khalq terrorist organization attacked the guests and sponsors of the meeting with knives and broken glasses, leaving 13 wounded.

The attack took place at the early moments of the meeting. French police came to the scene and fired tear gas before arresting some people.

Massoud Khodabandeh, London-based Iranian researcher, was supposed to give his speech on disadvantages of sectarianism and violence in the world. He expressed regret over the incident, in an interview with IRNA’s correspondent in Paris.

"According to reports received at the beginning of the meeting, 50 members of this terrorist organization, who had been deployed from Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Belgium and Switzerland for this mission, attacked the participators with knives and other things," he said.

According to Khodabandeh, the incident took 10 minutes and security guards clashed with the members of MKO, which left 13 wounded with 10 from the group.

"Police’s interference ended the clash and the injured ones were taken to hospital," he added.

This Iranian researcher asked French security officials to take measures in order to protect the lives of Iranians in that country against these terrorists.

IRNA’s report also indicates that prayer leader of Marooni minorities in France was also there when the clash happened. He expressed dissatisfaction and regret over the incident.

IRNA, June 18, 2007

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