A three-day Meeting of Nejat Families

The grand gathering of families held at the Nejat Society office of Azerbaijan Province on Wednesday March 6 to March 8, 2019.
Former members of the MKO Cult also attended the meeting, giving answer to the families’ questions on the group’s situation at Albania and how they can help their beloveds getting themselves free.
Mr. Saadollah Seifi and Mr. Bakhshali Alizade who defected the group in Albania as well as Mr. Ali Ekrami who separated the group in Iraq were among the defectors who attended the meeting.
The families also talked to Mr. Parviz Heidarzade. Mr. Heidarzade is among the MKO defectors who defected the group in Albania and lives there.
The attendees cheered as the defection news of a new member in Albania was declared.
The families decided to get their complaints to the UN and Red Crescents’ office in Tehran.

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