Daniel M.Zucker

  • Shame on Professor Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker

    Shame on Professor Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker

    When will you disclose the amount of money (if any) you receive from or contribute to the Iranian Communist MEK (MKO, PMOI, NCRI, Rajavi Cult, or Pol Pot of Iran)?

  • The time for ignorance is past

    The time for ignorance is past

    Regardless of this article, the seven member delegation from Nejat Association which is currently in Paris, would very much like to meet with you to share our concerns about the human rights violations inside the Mojahedin's Camp Ashraf in Iraq.. After a twenty year absence,…

  • The Egalitarian Terrorists!

    The Egalitarian Terrorists!

    Following his propagandistic attempt in shouldering responsibility to distort Mojahedin Khalq’s notorious past, Daniel Zucker in his recent focus has ascribed the epithet of “egalitarian” to the group. A Zionist Rabbi devoted to help Iranian people to set up a secular democracy, Mr. Zucker once…

  • Allies of the Neo-cons

    Allies of the Neo-cons

    To preliminaries to prepare for reshaping of the Greater Middle East has already begun, namely, establishing a western style democracy in the concerned countries of the region. Whether or not the dream might come true is another question. It is through the theory of “constructive…

  • Ravings of MKO's Zionist Supporter

    Ravings of MKO’s Zionist Supporter

    Distorting history and producing different versions of a same historical event is an illness, with long history in the MKO. For different reasons, including whitewashing the crimes of the past or to win the attraction of new supporters, MKO distorts the history and broadcast new…

  • Mr. Zucker, more Mojahed than Mojahedin

    Mr. Zucker, more Mojahed than Mojahedin

    Daniel M. Zucker, a Chairman of Americans for Democracy in the Middle-East, in his recent article, Setting the Record Straight About the Mojahedin-e Khalq of Iran, which is more a comeback to Jay Solomon's article published in the Wall Street Journal ("Iranian Exile Group Aims…

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