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Allies of the Neo-cons

Reading Daniel M. Zucker’s Getting It Right in Iraq published in Global Politician, I was taken aback to learn why a Zionist Rabbi so vehemently supports a terrorist group like Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO). No doubt, Mr. Zucker is a disciple of Leo Strauss theory of “constructive chaos”. Strauss, whose media branch is better known under the name of “neo-conservatives”, theorized that “the real power cannot be exerted from if one remains in the status quo, but only, quite the contrary, in the act of destroying all forms of resistance. It is by plunging the masses into chaos that the elites can aspire to ensure the stability of their position”.* The theory of “constructive chaos” is the same “remodeling of the Greater Middle East,” to use the expression of George W. Bush.

To preliminaries to prepare for reshaping of the Greater Middle East has already begun, namely, establishing a western style democracy in the concerned countries of the region. Whether or not the dream might come true is another question. It is through the theory of “constructive chaos” that the desired democracy can be established. Having failed in establishing a western style democracy in Iraq, Mr. Zucker as an advocator of chaos and disorder broaches a new suggestion:

If we really want to bring a democratic revolution to Iraq, which is something that will become increasingly difficult – given Teheran’s rising influence in Baghdad-we will have to work with all those different groups that oppose a Shiite religious state. Some of our potential allies are those Sunni insurgents that we are fighting now.

In his opinion, the dissident and terrorist groups, wearing the mask of pro-democracy, have to be unleashed as the most favored instruments to carry out the mission of shedding the needed blood to build up the Western approved democracy in Iran as well:

There is one other thing that we should be doing, given the overwhelming evidence of Iranian interference and influence in Iraqi politics. It is time to empower the Iranian resistance to aid the long-suffering Iranian people to rise up in revolt to overthrow the tyrannical Teheran theocracy. Specifically, this means removing the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) from the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.

It was abundantly clear for Iranian from the very beginning that what MKO really meant by the American and Zionist dictated “third option”. Mr. Zucker’s suggestion of reactivating Mojahedin as a means of furthering the shared interests leaves no doubt that MKO is the US-Zionists’ chosen potential dissident ally to implement threats against Iran:

If the egalitarian NCRI and MeK can once again become active in the field, Iran could soon become a secular democracy, exactly of the type that we’ve been trying to establish in Iraq. Now wouldn’t that be novel-allowing a Middle-East nation to set new regional standards in the development and establishment of secular democracy.

They made a miscalculation about Iraq; the elected government was in absolute contrast to what they expected and advocated. Iranian people would never consent to a secular democracy as the Iraqi people didn’t.

*. The Neo Conservatives and the Policies of Constructive Chaos

mojahedin.ws – Sattar Orangi, August 15 2006

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