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The Egalitarian Terrorists!

Following his propagandistic attempt in shouldering responsibility to distort Mojahedin Khalq’s notorious past, Daniel Zucker in his recent focus has ascribed the epithet of “egalitarian” to the group. A Zionist Rabbi devoted to help Iranian people to set up a secular democracy, Mr. Zucker once more suggests removal of MKO from the list of proscribed groups:

It is time to empower the Iranian resistance to aid the long-suffering Iranian people to rise up in revolt to overthrow the tyrannical Teheran theocracy. Specifically, this means removing the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) from the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations. *

Developing a new political lexicon, Mr. Zucker has substituted the term “egalitarian” for the term terrorist. The expression comes from his statement saying:

If the egalitarian NCRI and MeK can once again become active in the field, Iran could soon become a secular democracy, exactly of the type that we’ve been trying to establish in Iraq. *

These expressions are enough to explain for the Western style democracy MKO is suggested to establish.

*. Getting It Right in Iraq

mojahedin.ws –  15/08/2006

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