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McCain Seeks to Protect US-Backed Terrorists From Other US-Backed Terrorists?

It seems only yesterday we were writing up Senator John McCain on RPI’s Neocon Watch — oh wait, it was only yesterday!

The Senator never disappoints and he is back at it again. Today, Senator McCain makes Neocon Watch for his letter to John Kerry expressing concerns that one US-supported terrorist group may soon be threatening another US-protected terrorist group.

It seems the anti-Iran radicals known as the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MeK) have been holed up in "Camp Liberty" in Iraq under US protection, but another group of anti-Iran radicals known as "ISIS" may soon have MeK on the run. And the US, of course, is supposed to do something about it.

The Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MeK) is a bizarre group, an Islamist-Marxist cult that carried out numerous terrorist operations inside Iran (while allied with Saddam Hussein). They even carried out terrorist operations against US citizens. Nevertheless, Seymour Hersh found out that the US was secretly training MeK fighters on US soil while they were on the terrorist list.

However, Senator McCain, along with most of the neoconservatives, have long been defenders of the terrorist MeK because their terrorism is largely confined to Iranian soil. It is not terrorism when a group kills civilians who happen to live in a designated "evil" country like Iran. The MeK also has a habit of delivering counterfeit "evidence" of Iranian nuclear activity to eagerly awaiting neocons and their compliant media.

But McCain is worried about them. Today he wrote to John Kerry to demand that they be protected by the US. He wrote:

As you are aware, due to the increasingly dangerous threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the resettlement process has stalled, and many fear that the people at Camp Liberty could be at grave risk if the security situation in Iraq, and especially in Baghdad, continues to deteriorate. For this reason, the Administration must move more quickly to find safe, permanent, and secure locations for Camp Liberty residents outside Iraq.

Well McCain should know all about ISIS and dangerous Islamist radicals in the area. He made at least one controversial (and illegal) visit to Syria, where he met with radical Islamists who were said to have been involved in "selling" journalist Steven Sotloff to ISIS for apparent beheading.

This is McCain’s world, this is the interventionists’ world, this is the neocon world. It is a world where terrorists are freedom fighters if they are sufficiently brutal against those the neocons want to see killed. It is a world where one can support and oppose terrorists at the same time. As Orwell wrote of Doublethink in 1984, neocons like McCain have "the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them."

Ronpaulinstitute/Neoconwatch,October 22, 2014

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