Mujahedin Khalq Organization’s Propaganda System

  • MKO's Desperation

    MKO’s Desperation

    In a realistic view, this is an invalid claim than can get no attention and independent newswires, governments, political institutions and parliamentarians approach such claims with scoff. On the other hand, MKO with a few non-MKO members of the council (called NCRI), faces a major…

  • Iraq Occupation, Vital for MKO

    Iraq Occupation, Vital for MKO

    "Following the comments of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani on the expulsion of terrorist MKO from Iraq, this organization initiated its propagandistic efforts and by misinterpreting the comments of Mr. Mashhadani and other Iraqi officials claimed that these are diplomatic rhetoric (between Iran and Iraq). In this…

  • Source of Legitimacy of MKO's Presence in Iraq!

    Source of Legitimacy of MKO’s Presence in Iraq!

    Following the comments of Mr. Mahmoud Al-Mashhadani on the situation of MKO in Iraq, which showed the unanimous attitude of Iraqi government toward the illegal presence of MKO in Iraq, Rajavi's gang hurriedly resorted to ..

  • A letter to Lord Fraser

    A letter to Lord Fraser

    After having met Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the religious leader of the Iranian People´s Mojahedin, a woman that is representing herself as being the elected president of Iran, you are reported in their journal „Mojahed“, No. 803 dating May, 15th 2006, to have said that in…

  • Survivors' Report- Editorial (No. 22)

    Survivors’ Report- Editorial (No. 22)

    News of the imminent disbandment of the group there prompted a flurry of activity among the MKO's legion of lawyers in an effort to create more bluster and bluff. Exactly as when the Iraqi interim government voted to have the group expelled from Iraq in…

  • Open Letter to U.S. Ambassador in Canada

    Open Letter to U.S. Ambassador in Canada

    some of the Mojahedin-e- Khalq's members enter into U.S. illegally by using fake identification. The MEK also perform this protest gathering under different names titles for their deceiving political activity protection such as: The National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA) . The People's Mojahedin Organization…

  • Iran Focus: The MKO Propaganda Machine

    Iran Focus: The MKO Propaganda Machine

    ..Relying on news sources by hard line monarchists and the MKO, is about choosing an agency that absolutely lies or exaggerates incidents in order to enhance their own political objective....Iran Focus along with its sister site Iran Terror (look at the website designs and stories…

  • A Cult is Trying to Hijack Our Iran Policy

    A Cult is Trying to Hijack Our Iran Policy

    most of them Iranian Americans or exiles, recently flocked to Washington ... the march seemed like a protest by concerned Iranians who supported regime change in Iran. In reality, it was a meticulously orchestrated political rally in support of a violent, pseudo-Marxist Iranian religious cult…

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